Businesses to Support

I have been around my block a few times and there are just some companies out there that are better than the rest. I also really like to support those companies that are local to me. I would like to try and start listing theme here.

Integris Marketing & Integris Hosting

Integris Hosting is the first business I would like to highlight. Integris Marketing is the parent company. Integris provides a wide variety of online services. One of the things I love best is that their web sites are hosted on green energy. Actual solar panels and a nearby hydroelectric energy source keeps the power on at night. Besides just providing hosting for your website they also provide site setup, design, and monthly maintenance. All thats left for you is to fill out the content. Its a one stop shop for your website needs. I can’t recommend enough that if you want a website go to Integris Hosting and talk to them first. (Someday I am going to have to use their design service my site really needs it.)

Morning Star Milk

Another company I fully support is Morning Star Milk. This company is really more for the residents of Reno. As the name implies they deliver milk in the morning. It really is just like your grandfathers milk man. They come by every week and drop off milk at your doorstep in the morning before you go to work. Ordering is easy, we even have a standing order that takes care of us most weeks so we don’t even have to do anything. Services like these really make home pleasant.

The Power Company

We really rely on electrical power to function in life today. When you need an electrician call The Power Company. They provide service where ever it is needed regardless of if you are in Reno, Sparks, Carson City or any rural setting they will come and solve your electrical problems. The Power Company specializes in Off Grid power generation and distribution including the design installation and maintenance of PhotoVoltaic, HydroElectric, and Wind Generating systems. The guys at The Power Company are the most knowledgeable designers and installers of Renewable energy systems that I have ever worked with.

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