Scripts I made for EthOS


Over time of supporting users in #ethosdistro I have received a lot of requests for some script solutions. Here are a few that I have written and give away for free / small donation, your choice. 

Nevermore ccminer EZ installer
This script will help install miner dependencies and the latest version of the miner into EthOS.

Avermore sgminer EZ installer
This script will help install the latest version of the miner into EthOS.

GPU Software Watchdog
This script expands the functionality of the EthOS config option “autoreboot” to reboot ethos if a GPU crashes. It will only reboot upto the number you configured in EthOS local/remote.conf. Installation, update, and running instructions are in the script

Rig Control Script over SSH from linux terminal
This script can be run in a linux environment, just add your panel to it and issue your command after the script (ie ./ec ‘sudo update-miners && sudo service ethos-miner-monitor restart’)

The PoolFinder
This script takes the list of pools from: and pings the top 400 from where its run. If run on EthOS it will return your pool times and any from the list that are under 100ms in response time. If run from any non EthOS terminal it will just give any pools under 100ms.

I have written far more complex scripts to solve common EthOS needs. If you are interested in something more please check out my mining consultation service Crypto Farm Experts. Crypto Farm Experts is a groups of skilled  mining experts from around the world that specialize in optimizing and managing mining rigs.

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