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Hello world!

Welcome to my site. I was planning on posting my thoughts and beliefs on my site here. It turns out though I never actually post anything. So until I have something better lets start with this.

My name is Greg, I am happily married to a wonderful woman named Kim since Aug 2th 2006. She is one of the best parts about my life.

I love to work on and fix almost anything electronic. I used to be in the military and learned a little about Windows and radios into CISCO networking, firewalls, intrusion detection, Linux, satalite, microwave and radio communications while I was there. From that experience I expanded and grew to learn more about DHCP, NAT,  Mac, Iphone, tablets, Androids, printers, network storage, WordPress, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, amature radio, GPS, power analysis and customization for home (120 & 240 volt’s) as well as 12 volt devices, photo-voltaic panels, wind generators, AC/DC motors, and more. I have not stopped learning yet and I have a whole lot more that I want to learn before I do stop absorbing knowledge.

I enjoy the great out doors. I live in the great state of Nevada in the United States which has thousands of acres of beautiful land and lakes. My wife Kimberly and I spend a lot of time camping at Pyramid Lake, Tahoe, the Black Rock Desert, and many places in between. Were still young and we plan on exploring as much of the world as we can.

I am a dog lover. We have three wonderful dogs named Alpha (Labrador Retriever) his twin Omega (Labrador Retriever) and Dakota (Shih-Tzu). Our dogs are a very big part of our life and we enjoy them immensely.

Hopefully I will post more here later and someday I may actually even put some useful information on this site. Who knows?

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